Her Faith Just Like Ours


Sep 8, 2011


I imagine myself being Esther. I used to think it was easy being Esther doing the will of God but as i read the book again, i imagine myself in a foreign land. away from everyone you trust. A new friend of mine says that she does not want to go far away because she does not want to be away from people. I think of the fact that i have never really gone far away from home but then it was not her choice, Israel had betrayed God one too many times. 

I imagine being a girl of 18 in a strange land and this fierce king whom we have heard of, who has conquered Ethiopia  China, Arabia is looking for a new queen, says his previous queen has disgraced him and a 1000 of us young ones are going to have a chance to be the new queen. I really don't want to be married to a heathen but Mordecai my father's brother who has cared for me for as long as i remember counsels me to go ahead with it. God is mad at us (Israelites) we have spent years under king after king steadily disobeying God and now he has led us into captivity, prophecy says after about 700 years or so we will return to Jerusalem but as far as i can remember we have been in this heathen land and it is so hostile my knees quake but Jehovah keeps me standing.

I imagine myself preparing myself for the king, my face, lips, fingertips, hips, legs, thighs, all of me is attended in preparation for the king. Those twelve months, all i think about day and night is the king and how i will please him, i listen carefully as Memucan (a eunuch) tells me of the king. He tells me of his likes/dislikes, his favorite food, games, his habits, what he likes to talk about, i am being trained by royalty to please royalty. I wait in fear and anticipation for my night with the king. I watch as many girls go in excited and come out crying as  they had not pleased the king well enough; but they are to spend the rest of the years as the king's concubine. As i watch, i pray because i know many of the girls are far more beautiful and far smarter than i am, some caught the king's whim for a time but could not hold it, i wonder what i will do.

The night i went to the king, i hardly remember because it was all a haze, all i know is that i did not ask for anything that Memucan did not send to me and i obtained favor in the sight of all who looked upon me. The king loved me,he loved me above 999 other women who had been specially prepared so only Jehovah could have distinguished me so. I received grace and favor from him. I became queen in a foreign land but it was known to no one because Mordecai had said i should disclose my race to no one. One day Mordecai saved the king, two men had plotted to assassinate the king but Mordecai had discovered this and the king was spared.

Until along came proud Haman who loved be worshiped and fawned over, he had the worship of everyone except Mordecai. God had told us through Moses at Mount Sinai that we must not worship any other God but Him and even in a foreign land, we obeyed. Mordecai stood out for this but instead of being rewarded, it brought persecution, Haman would not have it.
He plotted the killing of our entire race and Mordecai to be killed in the gallows at his house. Mordecai came to me and informed me that it is possible that this is the hand of God that God may be wanting 'me' to stand so the Jews could be saved.
But no one knew i was a Jew and Mordecai would not tell if i demanded it of him, but then the other side of my desire to save myself, all the Jews would be destroyed but God had left us all of these days, it could just be one more tragedy, what difference would saving their lives mean?

Point: Esther stood at the time God needed her to, she taught her maids to pray, she influenced the people around her. There was no 'slouching' when she had to go to Xerxes to speak for her people and yet she wasn't quick to speak. In the end, it was God who woke King Xerxes at night and reminded him of what Mordecai had done years ago in saving the King. That means that Mordecai did not think the King ought to die for coming to take them as exiles from Israel to be slaves in a foreign land.
Mordecai was faithful to the heathen king, he protected his life. God showed up and woke Xerxes and then Esther planned the dinner for Haman and the King and still did not say anything.
Nor was she 'eyeing' Haman with hostility cos the king would have noticed, she trusted in the fact that her God would intervene and that her life and destiny was in His hands.

Haman made a stupid move that made the king think he was going to molest the queen. The king was already angry before Esther informed him at the right moment of the plan of Mordecai to annihilate her people.
Let me tell you what i think, God was divinely orchestrating things; Esther could not have stopped Haman's plan with her wisdom, Mordecai could not have stopped Haman's plan with his wisdom alone, they had to trust that God was working with them in a step-by-step process to save the Jews because of His covenant with them.

My covenant with God ensures that He is at work in my life; that all of the wisdom that i have cannot ensure the move of God in my life. The covenant ensures that He is involved in the day-to-day activities of every step that i take and every word that i say. He is working along with all the Mordecai's and the Haman's in my life and His purpose in my life will stand. He is working in all the Xerxes's in my life to ensure that His covenant with me secures my future and that of my loved ones.
Nothing in my life is chance, he is working in everything and filling up the spaces where i fall short and making the path i walk smooth.
He is in my life. Period!

Thank you Jesus for your covenant with me, it is more precious than anything i could ever possess and it is not even tangible but i know that i have it!

(c)Tisha Smith

Jul 20, 2011

In my shoes - Part 3

...Are you still holding onto your integrity, Curse God and die!

To be honest, I expected Job to strike me, maybe even kill me for the blasphemy I uttered. He has never raised his h and to me but If I had learnt anything from the years I had been his wife, it was that Job loved his God with all of his heart and absolutely nothing came before him. I never had reason to object to this Job’s love for God only made his love for me stronger; but to watch Job sitting in dust like a beggar was more than I could take, why wasn’t he angry?.

Instead of the physical reaction I expected, he slowly turned his head to me and stared at me, his hazel eyes boring into my soul as if searching for something. For a few seconds that felt like a lifetime, he just held my gaze without a word. Finally, maybe after not finding what he was looking for and all of a sudden weary, he gently sighed and said “You talk like a foolish woman. Should we accept only good things from the hand of God and never anything bad?" And with that gentle statement, he withdrew back into himself, mute again.

Don’t think I haven’t heard the rumours?

The incorrigible sisters!

Some of you think I uttered those words because I hated Job, while others think I did it because I hated God. Oh, lets not forget those who think I said it because I was done with this marriage and according to law the only way I could get out of it was if I became a widow. Ha! Did anyone ever stop to wonder what it must have been like to be me; walk a mile in my shoes? Have you ever woken up in a nightmare that had no end? In one day I lost EVERYTHING I had. I became a poor, barren; hey, I might as well have became a widow because since all this happened, my husband has barely said a handful of words; leaving me to daily fight the sorrow in my heart without a husband to hold me up.

I am sure you heard about Job’s three friends coming by to comfort him; but did you ever hear of anyone coming to comfort me? I was alone...to bear the pain and sorrow. How quick we are to judge each other; why is it easier to tear me down than to try and understand me. I am sure I am not the only woman in this room who has uttered foolishness in haste be it from anger, pain or emotions. I am not trying to justify my sins, I just want you to see my side... to step out of your comfortable shoes and walk a day in mine.


Jul 7, 2011

My Shoes...Part 2


It was my own screaming that woke me up from a night of disturbed sleep. I didn’t remember much and the scenes of the previous day came back in broken fragments; each one ripping into my heart anew. I didn’t know why I had awoken and if I was truthful, I had wished to never see the light of day again. How could my whole life be completely demolished; all between the rising and setting of the sun? How could Job’s God whom he worshiped with all heart let this happen?

I remember when I first met Job,my family were normads who traveled around selling goat's milk and camel hide. He traded with my father a number of times and from his honest tradings, my father grew to respect him and eventually became his friend. One thing the whole town knew about Job was that he was passionate about his God. He wasn’t the God of my people but that did nothing to prevent me from falling in love with him. His passion, trust and love for his God was so infectious that my father had no problems letting me marry and live so far away from my people. My betrothal ceremony was the happiest day of my life and even though I kept my gaze down as customary; I still stole glances of Job out of the corner of my eyes.

muslim woman

“Wife of my youth”, that was his nickname for me and as he gave me a tour of his fields and property he continued “There is absolutely nothing my God cannot do. He has blessed me with EVERYTHING you see here”.

That day seemed a lifetime away; and the pleasures of those days were now replaced with anguish and sorrow. I pushed the memories away as the tears began. God had blessed Job...us...with everything I had seen that day; I now wondered why this same God had taken it away.

As I walked outside, afar off I noticed that he was still in the crumpled pile he had fallen into yesterday. He hadn’t moved and as I got closer, I noticed something was different. As I approached him, a stench I had previously dismissed as probably from a dog that must have died somewhere; got stronger. When I finally got to him, the stench was unbearable and giant flies, the same always seen hovering around corpses surrounded him. At that moment, he turned and looked at me; I screamed in horror. My husband, my tall, handsome, strong husband was now covered in raw moist boils! Each one red, oozing pus with a putrid smell; these boils must have been fiercely itchy because he had converted a broken shard of clay into a tool with which he frantically scratched himself. I watched in horror as each boil he targeted oozed pus and left behind a raw patch of bleeding skin. Not one inch of his body was spared from this ordeal


My sobs punctuating each word I spoke. For a moment which felt like a lifetime, there was silence between us.I watched him laying pitifully in a pile of dust, in the same robe he was wearing when our life as we know it came to a brutal halt; the same robe barely hanging on to his now frail fame; partly because he had torn it in two in his grief but also because he had grown so thin and frail. As I took this sight, I felt the little bit of life left in me drain away. I couldn’t even cry, there were no more tears left within me. WHAT DID I HAVE LEFT? In one day, my family’s livelihood, gone, washed away like an empty gourd left haphazardly by a river. My children, their laughter that was a constant sound in my home now faded away like an echo on a hill. My husband, all I had left... now gone, his strong embrace which had always found a way to lift my soul now replaced by a shadow of his former self. WHAT DID I HAVE LEFT??? NOTHING!!! WHAT WAS THERE TO LIVE FOR? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! What was I still doing on this earth, in this life? There was nothing left for me and as I thought of this, a weird peace fell upon me for it had just dawned upon me what I had to do next. It was time for me to join my forefathers, time to travel to the land where I would no longer feel anymore. It was time for me to die! Yes, I wanted to die.


All of a sudden, as I thought these words, I got this feeling within me, this searing hot sensation that initially almost made me double over in pain. As this foreign sensation took my breath away, leaving me dizzy and confused I tried to decipher what was going on within me. Sadness?... no it wasn’t that...I had been living within that emotion for the last 2 days, this was different...this was rage and it welled up in me till I couldn’t take it anymore. Looking directly at Job, my curled lips curled could barely hold back the sarcasm laden questions within; and that's when I did it! That's when I looked him in the eyes and spat out...

To be continued...


Jul 2, 2011

My Shoes...

“...Just curse God and die!”

Talk about setting your future on a couple of words! This is the story of how five words not only marred my image possibly forever but also took me on a journey I did not expect.
Listen, I know you might not want to hear what I have to say but I DO have a story. I know the picture my infamous words painted of me were ugly but for one minute... just a sec.... take off your comfortable, judgmental shoes and slip on mine.

The day that changed my life forever started as a normal day; laughter waffling through our compounds as my children prepared for the day. Today was a special day; my eldest son was throwing a huge feast for his siblings and although my husband Job had innumerable servants, I was never one to leave anything to do with my children in their hands. I love being a helpmeet to my husband; I truly do, but there was just something extra special about being a mother. The God of my husband had blessed me with 10 beautiful children; 7 boys who were my joy and 3 beautiful girls who were my laughter. Rather than spend my mornings tending our sheep, camels and thousands of other animals, my husband’s wealth provided servants and allowed me to spend my days with my children.

My Children...My greatest joy.

With my children all prepared and off to the feast, a certain quiet descended on the compound. It was a sweet silence and I immediately released a breath of relief. With them gone, I could finally take a step back and relax. I was going to nap for a while and then go see what Job was up too. After I was rested and preparing lunch, I saw man on a horse, visibly in a hurry rush into our compound and in a blink of an eye my life changed.

... “a messenger arrived at Job's home with this news: "Your oxen were plowing, with the donkeys feeding beside them, when the Sabeans raided us. They stole all the animals and killed all the farmhands. I am the only one who escaped to tell you." While he was still speaking, another messenger arrived with this news: "The fire of God has fallen from heaven and burned up your sheep and all the shepherds. I am the only one who escaped to tell you." While he was still speaking, a third messenger arrived with this news: "Three bands of Chaldean raiders have stolen your camels and killed your servants. I am the only one who escaped to tell you." While he was still speaking, another messenger arrived with this news: "Your sons and daughters were feasting in their oldest brother's home. Suddenly, a powerful wind swept in from the wilderness and hit the house on all sides. The house collapsed, and all your children are dead. I am the only one who escaped to tell you."


I was numb! It had to be a cruel joke; my daughters, beautiful and graceful were dead? On my hands, I could still smell the olive oil I had brushed into their hair and the shea butter I has smoothed onto their feet. No, this couldn’t be happening! My sons, tall and brave; spitting images of their father...dead? No! I could not...would not... believe this. I waited for Job’s reaction; actually picked up a rock with the hope that as Job slapped this servant for his cruel joke, I would stone him simultaneously for his outrageous boldness. It was when I saw my husband stand up with a wild almost feral scream of grief, ripping his robe in shreds that I felt it and knew in my heart that it was true. In one day, my life evaporated. As the grief rocked me, the last thing I remember seeing before slipping into the merciful darkness of unconsciousness was my husband’s head covered in blood as he used a jagged piece of a gourd he just smashed to shave his hair off.

To be continued...


Jun 25, 2011

Nothing Shall Be Impossible...

There are redeemed Eves ready to crush the head of the serpent;
Widows of Zarephath's waiting for breakthroughs;
Mrs Manoahs dealing with a wayward Samson;
Sarahs and Hannahs waiting for their Isaac and Samuels;
Ruths waiting for their Boaz;
Rahabs trusting for acceptance and redemption;
Deborahs facing a world of men;
Abigails dealing with shrewed husbands;
Leahs unloved and second bests;
Marys who are impossibly pregnant;

And as with these women and many more;
let me assure that
with God NOTHING shall be impossible...NOTHING.

"And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord." Luke 1:45

May 26, 2011

The Most Misunderstood Woman in the Bible

Here's an interesting article you might want to leave your thoughts on after reading.

Her name was never revealed and yet she may be the most infamous woman in the Bible. Augustine labeled her "the devil's accomplice." Calvin called her "a diabolical fury."
And the contemporary understanding of Job's wife hasn't improved on Calvin or Augustine. It's difficult to find a book or sermon treatment of the life of Job that doesn't include the usual condemnations toward his wife. It has become a standard joke to pity Job, as if his wife was yet another cross God called this man to bear.
If the Proverbs 31 woman represents a model of Christian virtue, the wife of Job occupies the role of least desirable, sharing space in the Hall of Shame with the likes of Jezebel,Delilah, and Michal.
But is this image an honest assessment of her character? Or is there a possibility that in our rush to empathize and identify with Job, we've rushed to cast judgment on his wife?

What We Forget

I wonder if there isn't a gap in our understanding of the Job story. Although clearly Job is the main character, he is not the only one. She may not have been the primary subject of the cosmic argument between God and Satan (1:6-112:1-4), but she was still caught in the crossfire. You might argue that every hardship endured by Job was similarly felt by his wife:
She watched her children die (Job 1:13-19). Ten times God had blessed her womb. Ten times she endured the joy and pain of childbirth. Ten lives nurtured to love, honor, and respect Jehovah. From the account in the first chapter of Job, this appears to be a fun-loving, God-fearing, tight-knit family. Who was the heartbeat of this home? Likely Job's wife played a part in that. It's unlikely he could be such an esteemed man in society (Job 1:1) if his wife was not an integral and influential leader in her own right.
Imagine the grief that overwhelmed her soul as she looked down in disbelief at ten freshly dug graves.
She experienced dramatic financial loss. The Bible describes Job as a wealthy man, perhaps the richest in the world (Job 1:3). Undoubtedly his wife was accustomed to a lifestyle of luxury and comfort. I imagine her home was adorned with the finest furnishings, her clothes spun from the most expensive threads. Her children likely had everything they needed.
In one really bad day, she lost it all. All their wealth, property, and way of life (Job 1:13-22). She was not only bankrupt, but homeless, forced to beg outside the city dump.
She became a caretaker for her disease-ravaged husband. Although Old Testament scholars don't agree on the nature of Job's illness, clearly his pain was so excruciating, he asked God to take his life (Job 3). It distorted Job's appearance so dramatically that his closest friends could barely recognize him and when they approached, fell to the ground in pity (Job 2:12). This last temptation brought by Satan was so severe, it nearly broke Job's soul. Every day Job spent at the ragged edge of death, only experiencing momentary relief brought by the heat of the burn piles and the scrape of pottery shards.
While we weep with Job, we miss the faithful, steady presence of his wife. She put aside her own grief to stay care for her husband. Imagine the exhausting drain, caring for a suffering soul like Job. Imagine the loud howls of agony, hour after hour, day after day. Imagine the one you love walking the thin line of sanity, suffering excruciating, debilitating pain.
Job's wife continued this mission of mercy without the resources of a helpful support network, without any financial resources, without relief. Their children were gone, their friends and family scattered, her God seemingly absent.

Words of Despair

And we come back to those seemingly bitter words of resignation, the only recorded words of Job's wife in the entire story. Words shared at the lowest point of her life.
"Do you still hold fast your integrity? Curse God and die" (Job 2:9, ESV). These are tough words that appear to reflect a heart bitter and angry toward God. This is where most commentators pounce, accusing Job's wife of collusion with the Devil to force her husband to do exactly what the Devil predicted Job would do: give up on God. Many question her faith, wondering if perhaps her faith in Jehovah wasn't real.
I find both scenarios difficult to believe. Every human has moments, words, thoughts we'd love to have back, shared in the crucible of a crushing trial. Imagine if those words were recorded in history for everyone to dissect and analyze.
Clearly God chose to record her thoughts in Scripture, yet sometimes I wonder how fair it is to define an entire life based on one conversation. Nowhere before or after this incident are we given any indication that Job's wife was a perpetually bitter, unhappy wife.
And perhaps her advice to Job wasn't born out of her own misery, but out of compassion. Day after day, she witnessed her husband live out his days in utter agony, no relief in sight. Maybe she was seeking the most compassionate way out for Job. Curse God, pull the plug, and get it over with. Perhaps she longed to see an end to Job's suffering, a painless journey to the sweet relief of heaven. This is certainly something Job himself desired of the Lord.
It's not uncommon to find raw, honest, expressions of grief spilled on the pages of the Bible. Yet we celebrate David, Moses, Jeremiah, and even Job as being authentic and honest, but heap judgment on Job's wife for similar expressions.

A Husband's Response

Job's response is fascinating. He carefully listens and watches his beloved wife shrink under the weight of their shared hardships.
I imagine Job lifts his blistered hand and strokes her hair. At first, his words read like a harsh rebuke: "You speak as one of the foolish women would speak. Shall we receive good from God, and shall we not receive evil?" (Job 2:10, ESV).
Yet, if you listen to Job, you almost hear admiration. "You speak as one of the foolish women." He didn't say his wife was foolish. He didn't even say her words were foolish. He said, "She sounds like one of the foolish women."
In other words, "You don't sound like yourself." You might read these words like this:Sweetheart, that's not you talking. This doesn't sound like the woman of God I know and married. That is not you talking, my wife. Let's remember God's promises. Let's remember his goodness.
Such a far cry from the ringing condemnation she's received in the centuries since. Job knew his wife's suffering was just as acute as his. In fact, seeing the pain in her eyes may have added to Job's great suffering.
It's likely she was in a state of shock. Sudden loss has a way of clouding our judgment, distorting our view of reality and of God. Often those living in the thick of tragedy make contradictory statements about faith and life. Today we might even conclude Job's wife suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.
Apparently Job's words were the balm his wife needed to soothe her soul, because she isn't heard from again in the remaining chapters of the story.

What Does God Think?

Curiously, while authors, commentators, and pastors all rush to judge her, God is silent. The Scriptures don't record specific words of blessing for Job's wife like they do for Job (Job 1:8).
Yet we don't find divine rebuke either. Surely, if God was displeased with her, he would have expressed it. He didn't hesitate to rebuke Job's friends (Job 42:7-9).
All we know of God's treatment of Job's wife is how he blessed her after the trial was over. She shared in the doubling of their wealth (Job 42:10). She had the privilege of giving birth to ten more children, whom the Scriptures declared the most beautiful in all of the land (Job 42:12-15). And it's likely she shared in the many more fruitful years of her husband's life. The Scriptures say that Job lived long enough to see four generations of his offspring (Job 42:16).

A Model of Endurance

So what can we learn from Job's wife today? Perhaps her greatest testimony is her simple presence during her husband's lowest moments. At the end of Job, we read that his siblings and friends returned and "consoled and comforted him because of all the trials the LORD had brought against him" (Job 42:11). It's easy and safe to show compassion after the fact, but during Job's lowest moments, they were nowhere to be found.
Yet every single day, there was his wife, caring, loving, and enduring the trials Satan inflicted.
The trials that would split many marriages didn't split Job and his wife. They stuck it out together. And at the end of this story, we read of them conceiving and raising another ten children.
Was her attitude perfect throughout the storm that engulfed her family? No. Did she say things she would later regret? Absolutely.
But through it all, she endured, her faith in God remained intact, and maybe, just maybe, her service to her husband should be held up as a model of biblical character.
Daniel Darling is the senior pastor of Gages Lake Bible Church in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. He is the author of Teen People of the BibleCrash Course, and iFaith. He and his wife, Angela, have two daughters and a son. www.danieldarling.com.

May 8, 2011

Eve's Curse and Your Love Life.

(Warning! This is not a hard and fast character piece but I pray it blesses the 'Faith Dames' family because I see that many of us are still living 'under this curse'.)

There was a season in my life when I had major beef with Adam and Eve. Especially with Eve. And then when I got through vexing with Eve, I faced God. I could not understand his curses over her at all. I mean I could see how making childbirth tough was a punishment (I mean I have survived three after all and women of God, labour is a serious punishment!) but I just could not understand the second part of God's curse over Eve. Listen:

'....Yet, you will long for your husband and he will rule over you' (Genesis 3: 16b)

How is that a curse? Who else was Eve meant to long for? I would ask myself. Another version says 'your desire will be for your husband'. I did not get it. Who else was she meant to desire? I pondered. How was this a punishment? Was God trying to be funny? Ladies, he was not. Trust me. Let me explain.

You see God answered all my pondering in a way I could never forget. He used my own life, my own relationship with my mgm to show me just how horrible a curse this was. For a long time, my husband was my 'god'. I wanted to be ALL that he wanted me to be. Do all that he wanted me to do and act in all the ways he thought I should act. His every wish was my command. Did it make ours the best marriage in the world. Not one bit. For only God deserves that kind of obeisance. And then to make matters worse, I felt that since I was doing ALL that to make him happy, he in turn HAD to make me happy by loving me more than life itself. I mean, here I was doing all these things to make you happy so why are you not loving me like I want. Why don't you want to stay home with me? You put your work, your ambition, your desire to excel above me! Why do you keep hurting me like this? Why don't you get me? I feel so insignificant in your life. Why don't you talk to me like I want? In short, WHY oh why do I still feel so lonely. I long for you to be here with me making me happy!!!!

What was going on?

Your Papa Adam and Mama Eve ate the apple! That's what! And the perfect relationship we were meant to have as men and women went up in flames as the pieces of chomped up apple went down their throats. You see, pre-apple eating, Adam and Eve had a wonderful relationship with God. Their relevance, significance and value was not tied up in each other. No, it was tied up in who they were, INDIVIDUALLY, in God. And because Adam and Even knew who they were in God, they were able to relate with each other in loving, peaceful harmony. Post-apple Adam was busy sweating, too busy ploughing the ground to have time for his wife and Eve was catapulted into a period of longing.

So do you see now how come God condemning Eve to a life long quest of 'longing for her husband' could be a curse? It's because our desire is not meant to be for any man. Our desire, our longing is meant to be for God. Yes, you got it. God is meant to be the object of our longing. It is God that gives us relevance, significance and value. Only God. So if you are single and you still believe that you are not complete because you are not yet married, you are living under Eve's curse. If you are married and are still in a situation where every single comment or action from your mgm causes you to sink into a blue flunk  and think that all life is lost (I used to be like that), then you might tell me that God is the controller of your life but you lie. Your hubby is still your 'god'. No man should have that much power over you as to control  or drive the way you view your God-given life.

What am I trying to say in all of this. I think Mama Eve has done her own damage. We should let it stop with us. God has placed a divine vacuum in our hearts as women that ONLY He can fill. Until we do that, until we give our lives to Christ for real and make God the object of our desires, we will continue to have issues in our relationships. Like I said, I learnt all of this the hard way. You don't have to. Love God first with all your heart and then let your love for your husband or husband-to-be flow out from that love. Only God can complete you. Only God's love in you can help you love your hubby deeply. Unconditionally. Like He loves you.

And do you realise something about Eve's story. She had no name BEFORE the fall. She was just 'The Woman'. Adam named her AFTER the curses fell.....He named her Eve and guess what Eve means? Life. For she was to be the mother of every living person. Do you know what that says to me? I don't know but without being overly 'spiri' about it all, I just think it means if we have been doing it all wrong up until TODAY. If you have been making some man your God. If you have been seeking your relevance, significance or value from some man. If you have been seeking to fill that hole in your heart trying to please man rather than God Or if you have just been 'eating apples' in disobedience to God.......TODAY, you can drop the apples and turn to God in repentance. He will fix you and his LIFE will burst forth in and over you.

Yes, inspite of this curse, if each of us women take our relationships with God back to the pre-apple eating era in the Garden of Eden, where God was numero uno, then we too can enjoy loving, peaceful and harmonious relationships.

(c)Desperate Naija Woman

Apr 24, 2011

Women Who Followed Jesus: Mary Magdalene,Joanna,Susanna and many others)

As narrated by Mary Magdalene:

Our eyes have known no rest since the night he was taken from us. Sombre,sick and drained we've been,unable to taste good food,staring into the day wondering if he'd return on the third day as he said.

Reminiscing on his life and times, I beg to remember how we served tables,supplied bread for the journey, sewed quilt,polished sandals and hemmed robes for long journeys we embarked on with the Master. ‎​​We volunteered to serve him sacrificing family time and giving our all for the master's use.

I remember how in one word, he cast out evil spirits from us delivering us from all our troubles. He taught us to pray in His will,revealing deep truths about His kingdom. ‎​​We enjoyed reclining at His feet, going on long road crusades,‎​​meeting in homes to share fellowship, breaking bread, and all what not.
He taught us love in a manner we never knew-including loving our enemies-;he simplified the gospel and "unclogged" our hearts of old traditions and legalism. It's with him we learned that we are no longer captive but FREE indeed.

I ​​​am Mary Magdalene, the one whom he cast out seven demons from and my friends Joanna the wife of Chuza, Herod's business manager, Susanna and many others decided to minister to him from our own resources ensuring he had a daily supply of food,etc.

I chuckle as I share one of out of the many life changing incidents which make ‎​​me love and miss Him more. One day,our friend and master honoured an invitation of a Pharisee living with leprosy. While eating,a certain immoral and "bad-reputed" woman came in and walked straight to the master. Many indignant people who knew her lifestyle murmured,snarled at her and looked down at her in utter disgust. But this rather thick skinned woman,obviously unperturbed by the sneers and disgruntled looks, fell at the master's feet while we looked on.

Silence filled the room as she began caressing,kissing and pouring her tears on his feet. In her right hand was a beautiful perfume and with her left hand, she let down her hair breaking the jar containing a sweet smelling perfume on his feet. She extravagantly poured it upon his feet intermittently caressing,tenderly kissing,massaging and wiping his feet with her hair. 

She wiped the dust from his feet, unashamed of carrying the master's dust upon her most treasured thing; she soothed and soiled his feet at every moment with her tears longing for his approval over man's. She may have presumed that being around Jesus at such a time could guarantee her salvation hence taking undue advantage,lavishing on him her best ‎​gift of love. She preferred to stay at His feet until she won a pat from him.

My heart pumped afraid the master might hush her away for soiling his heel with her tears and greasing his body with some expensive"worldly"perfume and permanently grabbing his legs like she was up to some seductive moves. Rather,the Master watched her intently uttering not a word,but the over-ambitious holier-than-thou Pharisee called him a self acclaimed prophet who entertains devious sinners like this unrepentant immoral, social outcast, notorious, brash,crude(need I reel out more adjectives)...woman. I giggled at his use of adjectives,fixing my gaze upon her every move. I could not judge her since a fortnight ago,our master healed ‎​​me of several diseases no physician could cure.

Afterwards,the master told a story to the "sanctimonious" Pharisee called Simon. He spoke on a certain lender who had two debtors owing five hundred and fifty denarii respectively but had no means to pay. He waived the debt and let them go then he asked him;

"Now which of them will love him more? Simon answered, The one, for whom he forgave and cancelled more. And the master said to him, You have decided correctly."

Then turning to the woman, He said to him, Do you see this woman? When I came into your house, you gave Me no water for My feet, but she has wet My feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair. You gave Me no kiss, but she from the moment I came in has not ceased to kiss My feet tenderly. You did not anoint My head with cheap, ordinary oil, but she has anointed My feet with costly, rare perfume. This day, her sins, many as they are, are forgiven her,because she has loved much. But he who is forgiven little loves little. And He said to her, Your sins are forgiven young lady. Your faith has saved you; go in peace and be free from all the distress that are experienced as a result of sin."

He forgave her while others grumbled at his authority to forgive sins. He forgave with no ceremonial rites or unnecessary paraphernalia. One word granted the once notorious sinner a place with the Master. He became her Master and friend by one act of genuine undiluted show of brokenness and love for a Master she never knew but only heard of.

Still caught up in those thoughts, I started my trip to the tomb with spices we (Salome, Mary the mother of James and others)had prepared for his body. He-the Master- had promised that on the third day being today,he'd rise again and I curiously want to be the first to touch him.

At wee hours of the ‎morning, dark clouds yet to unveil the dawn, I approached the tomb and found the stone rolled away from the door. Startled I was wondering who would roll off such a big stone knowing that none of the disciples had come here - apparently devastated by his sudden death and perhaps remorseful by their betrayal,snuggled up in one room unable to look anyone(especially we the women who stood by till we got to the foot of Golgotha where he was crucified) in the face. With my heart racing like an oversped car, I tip toed into the tomb and peered in seeing " no dead body",I dashed back to alert the disciples.

It was a mixed feeling of despair and fear while narrating to them how the Master's body had been stolen. Peter and John joined ‎​​me to the tomb again to confirm my story. ‎​​We found his linen but the burial napkin used to wrap his head was also missing. At that point John believed the scripture which said; "He must rise again".Then they left ‎​​me there sobbing and waiting to find my personal friend, Lord and master.

As I looked into the tomb again,I saw two angels sitting at the head and foot of his burial place. And they said to ‎​​me,"Woman, why are you sobbing? I replied choked with tears, "Because they have taken away my Lord, and I do not know where they have laid Him."
As I turned away from them,I was greeted by a man supposing he was the gardener, he asked the same question as the two angels wondering who I was looking for. But this time I confronted him saying; "Sir, if you carried Him away from here, tell me where you have put Him and I will take Him away."

I did not recognise who stood before ‎​​me, though this "gardener" looked radiant and translated from the man I knew and lived with. Then he called my name, Mary! Recognising his voice, I screamed with joy; "Rabboni"(meaning Master or Teacher) and ran to embrace him. But he said;"Do not cling to Me for I have not yet ascended to the Father. Go to your brethren and tell them, I am ascending to My Father and YOUR FATHER, and to My God and YOUR GOD."

With endless ever increasing joy,I skipped like a deer eager to break the news to the disciples that I had seen the Lord and how he said these things to ‎​​me.

Jesus revealed himself first to a once sin-ridden and demonic woman like me, gave ‎​​me the WORD and the greatest news of all time for all to share for many generations to come. He ascended and gave us all a place with Him- as co-heirs with the Father. He ascended,giving us authority over all things; he ascended handing us the higher life and giving us leeway to the Father. He ascended by the power of His name.

(References: Luke 7,8 and John 20)
(c) Enobong

Apr 18, 2011

You Will Never Be Thirsty Again...

She was different from Rahab. She was even different from the adulterous woman in that she had had five husbands and she was done having husbands. All she had was a lover, I mean you know how sometimes a husband can be a drag, responsibility and all that. But you know if all you had was a lover, it would be pleasure all the way and no commitments, you could terminate the relationship (If you could call it that) anytime you wanted. But obviously Jesus was not in agreement, He wasn't a judge either, He never even so much as asked the woman to get rid of the lover and become religious, nope, He simply gave her 'Living water' His word.

Jesus was on a journey this day and he stopped by a well and obviously God had spoken to him this time to speak to a woman he shouldn't be speaking to. You know Jesus was Jew right! He should have been observing Jewish tradition, following the status quo but there, he was no rule keeper, love was his guide! Okay he stopped to speak to this woman and instead of preaching at her, he's asking for a drink of water (Verse 4 says 'And he must needs go through Samaria') what does that mean? (NIV says 'Now he had to go through Samaria') implying that there were other routes but apparently God was guiding Him. The Samaritan woman, thinking Jesus did not understand what should be done informed him that 'we don't mix like oil and water...' I mean your people and mine don't have anything to do with one another, society does not allow this.

Jesus ignores her and goes to the crux of the matter, he tells her that if she knew who was asking her for water, she would ask him and he would give her 'living water'

Hold up a minute! Who on earth asks you for something and while you are making excuses on why you can't receive it, he interrupts you and practically begs you to ask him for living water that he would have given you... (God is a good God, imagine a man going about looking for how to do good, he's saying, ask me and I will give it to you, just in case you are scared of asking for what I want to give you. "If you know who is speaking with you now, you would ask me and I would have given you"). I am so glad that God is good!

Notice he talks in the past tense and this woman is so divinely positioned that Jesus would meet her at the well and give her what the whole world needs.
What amazes me so much is that God would direct Jesus' journey so that he meets with a woman by a well to give her living water?

(I declare that I am divinely positioned to receive God's goodness for me and all my family and for my friends too)

This woman is stuck on the physical because honestly, i probably would have thought that way too. I would be thinking, i have the pitcher, you are just a tired man (verse 1-4 says somewhere that Jesus was tired. Tired and still wanting to do the Masters Will) with no pitcher to fetch me water so where do you think you are going to get water from? With what will you get the water? 
Jesus who knew what he was talking about then promises her that his water is different from the water everyone else brings that the water he gives '...will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life' (John 4:14NIV). The woman takes a leap of faith and then says give me this water so I don't have to keep coming here to draw water.

What Jesus should have done now is bring out his magic pitcher or whatever it was he was going to use to fetch water (assuming we were dealing with the physical) Right? Wrong!

Jesus now goes on and asks her to go and call her husband and come back. 

I would probably have been angry cause you have been enticing me with this special thing that would quench my thirst forever and now that i want it, you are asking for my husband but she doesn't, she tell him instead she said that she has no husband and it is true but she probably wanted to say she was  unmarried, you know all the half truths we tell all the time.

Jesus then goes on and tells her pointblank that she has had 5 husbands and that the current beau is a lover. She simply acknowledges that Jesus very well might be a prophet. She then tells him the squabbles the Jews have with the Samaritans about the location of worship. Jesus then tells her that soon we would be worshiping in spirit and in truth seeing that God is a spirit. The woman then tells Jesus that she has heard about 'a messiah' and that when he comes he would explain everything to us.

Jesus then said simply '...I who speak to you am He' (John 4:26) 

(Is it not amazing that he didn't say, woman, you have had five husbands and a lover and i have come to jugde you and soon hailstones will be falling on your head, he simply says he is the messiah and tells her how we ought to worship God and that is the solution apparently because the next thing we know, she is an evangelist, telling everyone in her town about this Jesus)

His disciples return immediately and then the woman does a strange thing, she leaves her water jar and goes into the town telling people that they should come see a man who told her everything she ever did that could this be the Christ?

It is funny that a whole town would flock out on one woman's word to come and see Jesus. The bible records that many of the Samaritans believed in him because of the woman's story. All he told her was 'i am he...' and i bet she did believe, you don't go calling people on hearsay, she believed but left it open for the others to believe.

I wonder why she would believe and the pharisees would not, why would a Samaritan town believe because honestly, i know Jesus gave them no physical water to drink, what he did give them was his words.
It then records that when the Samaritans came to him, they urged him to stay with them and he stayed two days, not for food or because he was good looking but because of his words.

Is the word of God a quencher of the thirst inside you. Scriptures say 'out of our bellies shall flow rivers of living water...'

I sometimes wonder, where does the river of living water flow through? Our anus, or our mouths (I mean we have only that many exits from our body). 
I am glad to announce to you that it is our mouth, whether it is tongue (speaking in tongues) or just speaking, our mouth ought to be blessing and we (i) really ought to abstain from back biting, gossiping or just running people down. It is so not cool!

Jesus words caused a woman to go to a town telling about him and the people begged him to stay with them because of his words again. What do people remember about you, about your words, not when you are on a stage or in the presence of admirers but from the people closest to you? 

God has given us eternal life in his son, we have the ability to worship him in spirit and in truth, we have the comforter living in us 24/7. I put it to you that we are a breathing, walking, doing good Jesus on this earth, we give out eternal life, eternal verities just by our speech that is why our speech ought to be disciplined and our thoughts too...

The Samaritan woman is my inspiration for the week, she believed a simple 'i am he', i want to believe Jesus every moment and to live with this relationship we have really, knowing that he is not just a Jesus in some book but a person who is wholly concerned about me and the way i live my life and just loves me crazily. He justs wants to do good!
Jesus is my role model, i want to talk like he talks and act like he acts, everyday because i am living and producing the same living water he was producing.

I never want a farce, a fake life, a life that is not genuine, i won't stand for it! I am glad for living water that is in me! I give out life, i am a life-giving spirit
Jesus is just awesome!

(c) Tisha Smith

Mar 30, 2011


"24 So Jesus went with him, and a great multitude followed Him and thronged Him. 25 Now a certain woman had a flow of blood for twelve years, 26 and had suffered many things from many physicians. She had spent all that she had and was no better, but rather grew worse.27 when she heard about Jesus; she came behind Him in the crowd and touched His garment. 28For she said, “If only I may touch His clothes, I shall be made well.” 29 immediately the fountain of her blood was dried up, and she felt in her body that she was healed of the affliction. 30 And Jesus, immediately knowing in Himself that power had gone out of Him, turned around in the crowd and said, “Who touched My clothes?” 31 But His disciples said to Him, “You see the multitude thronging You, and You say, ‘Who touched Me?’” 32 And He looked around to see her who had done this thing. 33 but the woman, fearing and trembling, knowing what had happened to her, came and fell down before Him and told Him the whole truth. 34 And He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace, and be healed of your affliction.” Mark 5:24-34
Every woman can relate with this woman’s story but to what extent? It’s one thing for her to bleed for the usual five to seven days; it’s another thing entirely to bleed for seven whole years, equivalent of 4384 days. How fast could the red blood cells multiply to replace the lost ones? How much white blood cells would be left in the body to defend it from disease? How strong could her immunity have been after such loss of blood? How physically strong could she have been? How much money could she have left if she had being treated for the same illness over and over again, getting second opinions, perhaps being used as a guinea pig for the latest drug, being poked and prodded in various delicate places by physicians who were puzzled by her ailment yet unwilling to admit it.

The bible says this woman suffered many things in the hands of physicians. They promised her healing falsely yet continued to milk her dry. What could her life have been like?

Lev 15:19-31, paints a good picture of menstruating women and how they were seen and to be treated.

According to the Leviticus law, women were considered unclean during menstruation and were to remain separated from everyone. Everyone had to stay away from such women during this period and she would wait in isolation until the cessation of menstruation after which she would bring two turtles or two young pigeons to the priest who would offer both a sin offering and a burnt offering. Then she would be welcomed back to the camp, back to civilization, so to speak.  

Can you imagine how this erodes the discreetness we modern women so craves at such a time. Each time a woman goes into the separation camp, everyone goes ‘Oh oh, she’s got a bloody issue’, lol.

Well this law was still very much in effect during Jesus’ time and so this woman must have lived in isolation twelve long years. That must have been painful. She was isolated from everyone she loved and knew. She was denied physical touch or even intimacy. She couldn’t interact in anyway, share a joke or two, laugh and eat with people. Her body was riddled with this debilitating disease and basically she was as good as dead. In fact, she smelt like death as she probably never had the strength to wash her ‘separation clothes’, so she probably just laid in it day and night, fresh and crusted blood all mixed together. No luxury of ‘Always’ I’m afraid. J.

Then her finances dwindled fast. One thing is apparent, either she was a woman of means or she had family with some wealth because it seems she’d seen the best physicians over and over again. Her finances either dwindled or the family could no longer support her. They decided to leave her for dead after all she’d not been seen anywhere for twelve years anyway. But she never gave up. She never lost hope of being one day free from her infirmity. Even after twelve years she still had hope.

Now imagine this scenario; she sat at her window to listen to people talking. That was the only way she was informed of current events, in fact it was the only time she felt connected with people. And these people talked about a man called Jesus. They said He healed the sick, raised the dead and performed the most awesome miracle and He was passing by the road by her house that day. The moment the testimony of Jesus’ deeds entered her ears, like the parable of the sower, the testimony lands on very fertile soil, the soil in the heart of a very desperate woman. This Jesus she had to see. In the past she’d never been able to make it beyond the door, being weak and all but strength from nowhere rose in her. She quickly changed into the only clean clothes she had left to hide her condition and blend in with everyone else.

Her heart pounded. She knew she had to make a move but the law forbade women from touching a rabbi/priest, least of all an unclean one. If the men knew she was unclean perhaps she would be stoned to death. But then she was dying anyway. She knew in the depths of her heart that if she could just touch him, just that one touch would make all the difference. Buoyed by her strengthening faith, she leaped with all her strength into the crowd and tried to gain up but Jesus walked too quickly and only his garment flowed behind Him. She strained as hard as she could as she stretched and caught hold of his helm of his garment.

Boom! A powerful force zipped through her and in that moment, the bible says ‘the fountain of her blood was dried up’. She knew in that instant that life had come back and she was made whole.

Interestingly, many people touched Jesus that day; in fact many rubbed shoulders with Him, probably stepped on His toes but only this woman made a real, concrete connection. She was the only one who did not see Jesus’ presence as mundane; she saw beyond a mere man, she saw with the eyes of faith. Her act of faith was so phenomenal she drew heaven’s attention and stopped Jesus in His tracks. This woman was a show-stopper through her courage, tenacity and persistent faith. Jesus was in a hurry to go and heal Jairus’ daughter but the woman with the issue of blood stopped Him for a moment and claimed her deliverance.

And when Jesus asked the question: “WHO TOUCHED ME?” He knew virtue had been released from Him. He wasn’t enquiring to punish the woman, He wanted to know and commend the person who took that step of faith. He respected her actions and told her Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace, and be healed of your affliction.” 

And here’s one admirable thing she did. When Jesus wanted to know who touched him, she owned up to her deeds even though she was trembling. She didn’t run away or try to pretend, she come forward and volunteered the information and that honesty sealed the deal. Halleluyah!