Her Faith Just Like Ours


Jan 25, 2011

Anna, the Prophetess

The 84 yr-old Herald With A Singular Purpose. ~Luke 2:36-38

In three short verses we get a full dossier on Anna; a very impressive lifetime achievement.  (The daughter of Penuel of the tribe of Asher) Here's what the bible says about Anna's life, character and purpose:

1. She was a prophetess. We're not told if she daily gave prophecies or commanded a gathering.

2. She was of a great age. She wasn't a spring chicken. Age was not an issue and she wasn't planning on retiring until she'd finished her work.

3. She married as a virgin for only 7 years. She married for a short 7 yrs and thereafter became a widow for life.

4. She was a widow for fourscore and four years/84 yrs. Re-marriage wasn't in the books for her. She was sold out to God.

5. She departed not from the temple. Totally committed and sold out.

6. She served God with fastings and prayings day and night without relenting, without waiting for Holy Ghost goose bumps, encouragement or validations.

7. She gave thanks to God. The moment Jesus showed up at the temple, she broke into praise for the Messiah had come. 

8. She spoke of Him to all that looked for redemption. 

Interestingly, we are not given an account of the exact words or message she gave. Rather, the bible focused on her life, her character and her commitment. Her main goal, her main purpose was to wait at the temple until Jesus came so she could testify of Him. She had to wait 84 long years for what seemed like just one day's testimony and then the curtain falls. But that's it. Her life-long purpose fulfilled.

It is not of him that willeth or runneth but it's of him that shows mercy.

The thing about fulfilling one's purpose in life is about zeroing in in the exact plan and not deviating from it. Anna's purpose was simply to herald the coming of the Messiah. Anna could have grown weary of waiting for the Messiah to come. She could have been tired of living in the temple, being unmarried, not seeing the immediate result or fulfillment of her purpose but she was committed. She loved God with a passion and knew that it wasn't just about the explosive revealing of the promised Messiah but about living a life of purpose, a life that was pleasing to God. In all her 84 yrs she could have grown weary or discouraged.

Imagine if when Jesus finally showed up, she wasn't there. She had errands to run, friends to visit, places to go, a husband to worry about...just simply cares of the world. She would have wasted 84 yrs and not fulfilled her purpose and her acts would not have been recorded in the bible for us to read and learn from. She would have been a forgotten soul. Lived in eternity with regret knowing she never accomplished what she was born to do. That is sad.

It's not about the big things we do for God but about being committed to WHATEVER He has called us to do no matter how small or insignificant it seems. There are women called to be home-makers. Their rewards is the same as those called to be Evangelist. It's not the title or magnitude of the calling but the commitment to obey.

The 5 things I learned from her life and testimony are:

1. Faithfulness
2. Consistency
3. Having a passion for God
4. Obedience pays
5. Commitment to a vision

Thanks for reading.