Her Faith Just Like Ours


May 30, 2012

The faith of Hannah

I want to talk a little bit about the mother of Samuel.

She is such a courageous woman to be able to do the kind of things that she did in the bible. I cannot imagine waiting years and years for a child and then submitting that same child to God. She must have loved God greatly so much that the desire of her heart was no longer for a child. In those months she had her son, she must have come to know God so well.

I am in a place where i want to expand the way i think about God, i want to increase in my trust and in my faith in Him. I want a refreshing faith, my faith has long been be-laboured (if that is a word). Hannah is such a strong woman of God. Sarah too, i fear that sometimes i fail in my expectation in being a daughter of Sarah, a woman who believes God extremely.

Lord, help me to trust you for good gifts, help me to entrust these gifts into your hand and help me to walk with you per second per second to accomplish your goal for my life.

I admire the courage of Hannah and i thank the Father that with the faith of Jesus i can do more than all this women of old. I thank God for grace to be able to believe and hope and trust God more. Ciao!