Her Faith Just Like Ours


May 17, 2012

The Woman the Earth Helped


I am happy to be here today. I have not posted anything on Faithdames for a while now and I did not plan to do so today. But about 20 mins ago, I had this huge burden for ‘a woman’. Some woman out there, who like the woman in the Book of Revelation, is travailing in labour about to bring forth a child. I sense this might not be about birth in the pure physical sense of it. It is about bringing forth the fruit that God has placed on the inside of her. She, like the woman the Bible described as ‘a wonder in heaven’, is the target of ‘a beast’ of some sort. Something or someone or some situation does not want her to bring forth. I asked my PapaGod who this was and how he wanted me to get his message to her. 'Faithdames' dropped quietly in my spirit. Post it there. She will see it . She will read it and she will know that it is going to be just fine.

Because the Earth will help her. Do you hear me, dear one out there groaning in pain, not knowing where your help will come from? Your God says he will send forth a divine command and all that is needed for you will come forth. Even if the earth itself has got to open up its mouth and swallow up some people. It will. Because God will make it happen. You do not believe me? Please take out some time now and Read the twelfth chapter of the Book of Revelations. Not only did God command the earth in her favour, earlier on, he had given her wings like an eagle to fly high above her situation, her obstacles, her foes. Just like he is about to do for you.

I know that the woman in the book of Revelation is a symbol for Israel and her child is Christ but that is why I love the Bible. No matter the grand, theological, future meaning, I can apply it to my life today. Please apply it to yours dear Faithdame. OK?

As a daughter of the most High, you are robed in the sun and you have the moon under your feet. Your head bears a crown of stars which means you are completely surrounded by heavenly lights! God’s favour shines upon you day and night. True, you labour sometimes and true, you bear much pain, but that is just because it takes hard work to produce an important result. God has planted something important in you and will bring it forth no matter how impossible it looks to you now. Do not be discouraged. Do not give up. Look at what Jesus went through. Pain and plenty of it.  Now look where he is today. In glory, reigning victoriously having accomplished his God-ordained destiny.

This too shall be your testimony.

Because the God all of the Earth is going to command the earth to open up its mouth to help you.