Her Faith Just Like Ours


Jul 9, 2013

...neither do I condemn you

The depiction of the Adulterous Woman
The adulterous woman fascinates me
Not because I am planning to commit adultery when I am married
But because of Jesus' response to the woman.

When I got born again, every little thing made me feel condemned
I was raped/harassed; not quite sure how to qualify it.
Christians were the first to turn against me, then followed the unbelievers
I didn't quite fit anywhere again.

With the Christians I wasn't a good girl anymore
With the unbelievers, I wasn't a bad girl either, it was pretty obvious
So I was always confused, didn't know how to behave especially when all I wanted
to do was bury my head in the sand.

So I kind of identify with the adulterous woman. Mind you, they never said she was a prostitute, she was a woman who was sleeping with another man. I can imagine the elders dragging her and pulling off her clothes, gathering the stones they would use to stone her.

They were not wrong to want to stone her because according to Jewish religion, you better stone that woman before God puts the entire Israel under a curse. Where they went wrong is imagining that people would believe that the woman was sleeping with herself.

Where was the man?
Why was he let off the hook?
Why should this pretty woman be the only one stoned?
Wouldn't the guy bring a curse on Israel also?

Well I thank God they brought her to Jesus because Jesus always has the answers. He did not leave the woman to the law to deal with. Instead he offered her grace even though he hadn't been to the cross yet, he had the ability to forgive her and he did.

What amazes me is that the elder to the younger of the Pharisees by not stoning the adulterous woman admitted to their guilt but did not stay to receive forgiveness from Jesus, they were just too eager to either be right or wrong.

What am I saying writing?

Don't be so hasty to meet with Jesus that all you want to do is prove a point; receive His grace and forgiveness, it is available for you. You are qualified for the blessing because Jesus died on the cross.

Righteousness: His right standing in us qualifies us to stand before God justified. Jesus has declared me not guilty, he can do the same for you.

Apr 1, 2013

A Woman Consumed

Mary Magdalene was a woman possessed by seven demons the Bible says but none of that mattered after she had an encounter with Jesus Christ. Do you hear that? This is what I come to share here today. Like her, your past does not matter. She might have done all manner of nonsense and been consumed by all manner of evil torment, the moment she met Jesus Christ, the only thing that consumed this woman was her total and complete devotion and love for him.

Today, God told me to forget what's behind. He told me to forget what I did, what they did, what he did , what she did or didn't do! He told me to stop being consumed by all that. I believe he has the same message for you too. That is why you stopped by here today. Please stop crying over spilt milk. Stop going back to your garbage. Stop being consumed by your shame, pain and regret! Ask Jesus Christ to touch you and deliver you. Ask for a fresh encounter with him so that the only thing that will consume you, from now on,  will be your love for God.

You see, I thought I knew all there was to know about Mary Magdalene but as I read God's word today, intent on hearing 'my word', I realised I had missed much about her. I am just grateful God opened my eyes and heart to see deeper into this woman. As I read about her in the days after Jesus Christ died, I sensed that God wants me to be like Mary Magdalene after she met Jesus Christ. Yes, He wants me. He wants you to become a woman consumed.  

How? Let me share it as I heard it:

As a woman consumed, once you have an encounter with Jesus Christ, your life cannot be the same as it used to be. You leave your old self and your past behind. Scripture never really tells us much about Mary Magdalene's life before she met Christ. Why? Cos her past did not matter to God anymore. If my past does not matter to God, why let it bug me or drag me down? Today, step over that line and leave the old you behind!

As a woman consumed, Jesus Christ has delivered you and given you  a new life of peace and wholeness just like he did for Mary Magdalene. If you don't feel it, ask him for it now. He loves you and is just waiting for you to ask him! That, my dear, is the whole point of this  wonderful Easter season we are celebrating. So please, go to him today and just off load it all. Give him all your junk and pick up all the blessings he bought for you on the Cross! 

As a woman consumed, you will provide for God's work out of your personal substance. The Bible says that Mary Magdalene was 'among many others who provided for Him for their substance'. We too must begin to give more of our personal resources in support of God's work. Ask God to show you how and when he does, obey cheerfully. And remember, your resources is not just about money. Your time, your talents, your gifts....these are all part of your 'personal resources' my dear one.

As a woman consumed, you follow Jesus Christ closely. all the days of your life. Go read it up. Mary Magdalene was one of the women who followed Christ almost as closely as the disciples back then. Even after he died, she was right there waiting to take care of the One she loved so much, waiting to honour him by anointing his body with oils and spices. In the end, she is the one that is honoured as she makes history by being the first person to see the risen Christ!  How awesome is that for a former demon-possessed woman?

Do you see it now? When you are consumed by God, God elevates you and takes you to places you never thought possible. And the best part is that he does this regardless of  how murky the waters of your past look like. So what are you waiting for? Refuse to be shackled by your past! Break free! Free to be consumed by just one thing: Your love for Jesus Christ and his work here on earth!

Happy Easter fine women (and men) of God.

Remember, because Jesus lives, you can