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Jan 25, 2011

Anna, the Prophetess

The 84 yr-old Herald With A Singular Purpose. ~Luke 2:36-38

In three short verses we get a full dossier on Anna; a very impressive lifetime achievement.  (The daughter of Penuel of the tribe of Asher) Here's what the bible says about Anna's life, character and purpose:

1. She was a prophetess. We're not told if she daily gave prophecies or commanded a gathering.

2. She was of a great age. She wasn't a spring chicken. Age was not an issue and she wasn't planning on retiring until she'd finished her work.

3. She married as a virgin for only 7 years. She married for a short 7 yrs and thereafter became a widow for life.

4. She was a widow for fourscore and four years/84 yrs. Re-marriage wasn't in the books for her. She was sold out to God.

5. She departed not from the temple. Totally committed and sold out.

6. She served God with fastings and prayings day and night without relenting, without waiting for Holy Ghost goose bumps, encouragement or validations.

7. She gave thanks to God. The moment Jesus showed up at the temple, she broke into praise for the Messiah had come. 

8. She spoke of Him to all that looked for redemption. 

Interestingly, we are not given an account of the exact words or message she gave. Rather, the bible focused on her life, her character and her commitment. Her main goal, her main purpose was to wait at the temple until Jesus came so she could testify of Him. She had to wait 84 long years for what seemed like just one day's testimony and then the curtain falls. But that's it. Her life-long purpose fulfilled.

It is not of him that willeth or runneth but it's of him that shows mercy.

The thing about fulfilling one's purpose in life is about zeroing in in the exact plan and not deviating from it. Anna's purpose was simply to herald the coming of the Messiah. Anna could have grown weary of waiting for the Messiah to come. She could have been tired of living in the temple, being unmarried, not seeing the immediate result or fulfillment of her purpose but she was committed. She loved God with a passion and knew that it wasn't just about the explosive revealing of the promised Messiah but about living a life of purpose, a life that was pleasing to God. In all her 84 yrs she could have grown weary or discouraged.

Imagine if when Jesus finally showed up, she wasn't there. She had errands to run, friends to visit, places to go, a husband to worry about...just simply cares of the world. She would have wasted 84 yrs and not fulfilled her purpose and her acts would not have been recorded in the bible for us to read and learn from. She would have been a forgotten soul. Lived in eternity with regret knowing she never accomplished what she was born to do. That is sad.

It's not about the big things we do for God but about being committed to WHATEVER He has called us to do no matter how small or insignificant it seems. There are women called to be home-makers. Their rewards is the same as those called to be Evangelist. It's not the title or magnitude of the calling but the commitment to obey.

The 5 things I learned from her life and testimony are:

1. Faithfulness
2. Consistency
3. Having a passion for God
4. Obedience pays
5. Commitment to a vision

Thanks for reading.



  1. This is been a real blessing. The interesting thing is we have been learning in church for the last few months about what it means for one to be all sold for God in every possible way. And yes unreserved obedience seems to be one of the main and vital ingregients for walking in God's perfect will and plan.

    I must admit, I haven't really thought very much about Anna's life until now. I am encouraged to go back and read it all over again. Now with a better and real understanding of her life, purpose and service to God now that you have touched on it so eloquently.

    Thank you very much, it's been a real blessing this morning.

    Remain blessed,

  2. Thanks Enyonam. Glad this blessed you as it blessed me also.

  3. I have read Anna's story many times, but i never saw the point you made about her knowing her purpose.

    That was an area i struggled with for years, discovering my purpose in life. A life without purpose is a useless, visionless and wasted life.

    Until we discover what our life purpose is we are just going round in circles.

    Many people fail to realize that we wont be judge for what we do on earth but for what we were born to do and didnt do.

    Thank you for making it clear the importance of discovering our purpose.

  4. Thanks for the invite.
    It is a challenging life Anna had to face, she wasn't given a choice about becoming a widow but also did not go about bemoaning the fact that she lost her husband just 7 short years into marriage.

    She instead sought the one person that could give meaning to her life, found l her calling and lived fully making sure she ran a complete race.

    It challenges me as a single lady to get my priorities right, much as marriage is a great thing (and I'm looking forward to it), I should not idly seat around doing nothing of value while I'm not married. It is now that I can dictate my time to a large extent and so I should seek God diligently and be totally sold out to Him. Once I'm married, while I would still serve God, I am going to have less time on my hand as my husband and children would also require my attention and while that is also service to God on it's own, my Bible study might require loads of creativity to be able to get time to do that. But if now as a single lady, with what would then seem like I had all the time in the world, I am not serving God, spending time with Him, then I am unlikely to be able to make out time for God when I have a husband and children to take care of.

  5. wow...this is powerful.
    All of a sudden I feel like my entire garment is black, as though I'm stained...

    I strongly agree with Darlyn's P.O.V and as much as I'm trying to improve on myself and stay focussed, I feel strong breezes every now and then and I don's see me measuring up to Anna, currently but the same God that kept Anna focussed wud keep us all focussed.

    This race is tough but people have made it right? #rhetorical.

    I want to draw from each point and express my amazement but that would be me writing a whole new post in this comment spot. All I've been doing so far this year is tryna get all my priorities very straight but Anna, Anna, Anna...I hail u o. The pressure is on. lol

    Thanx MOH for this, it was truly inspirational and thanx for the invite. I'm honored.

  6. Beautiful read.

    Thanks so much for sharing this insightful teaching gorgeous diva. Wink! Wink!! :D

  7. Hi Buky,

    Anna's life challenged me and I really didn't see that part about her purpose too until I did this study. It was quite and eye opener for me. Thanks for bringing that to light.

  8. Thanks for this post. Sometimes it's those little 'tidbits' in the Bible that are loaded with intense revelation. Dear Lord, help me to remain faithful in your house...holding out until I see the promise.

  9. Hi Darlyn,

    I love your comment about Anna not bemoaning the fact that she was widowed and probably had no children. And you're so right about the use of our time especially when we're still single and can do much more. I guess there's a time for everything so we make hay while the sun shines.

  10. Wow, H,

    You touched on a point that made me pause...that of the grace God supplied to Anna to enable her be faithful. That's the grace we all need to do God's will.

    I can't wait to read your 'personality study'.

    And thanks for accepting the invite.

  11. You're welcome, Koinonia. Lol @ gorgeous diva. wink wink.

  12. Amen, Zoe. Those little 'tidbits' are the ones loaded with revelation. In other words, God expects us to dig deep and find the hidden nuggets. Thanks Zoe, you just made me see something new. I love this.

  13. I love this. I was in a fellowship some weeks back when someone said that her favorite person in the bible was Anna. Now this. Maybe God is trying to teach me something more about her life. Thanks for the sweet invite, MOH :)

  14. It amazing how God brings things to light. I can't wait to read your take on Anna or any other woman of the bible.

  15. Woow, never looked at her from this dimension. I need to learn to be completely sold out, I try but meen, it is difficult in this busy busy world. God help me.

  16. Lol, Ilola, I know what you mean. And that's just the right prayer. May God help us all.

  17. hi dear,
    i've never really studied this woman but thanks for shedding light in her character. i think you did sum it up quite well -faithfulness, consistency, having a passion for God, obedience pays and commitment to a vision.

    thanks for sharing

  18. Thanks Rainyjoy. I can't wait to read your take in the personalities and thanks for being a part of this.

  19. Thanks MOH for the invite. I made a list of women in the Bible and NEVER thought of Anna until i read this blog and without mincing words or trying to entice, this is SOLID!
    In fact, when I got to the place you mentioned she was married for just seven years and remained a widow serving God fervently, my heart skipped- I would have compelled God to bring another man, tried having children,fulfilled all that God has in his word for me and maybe gone to the grave. But I am totally inspired to FACE God and seek Him in these days of my youth! Even if I am not bearing a conspicuous church title, am fulfilling Gods call....Can you imagine how many prophecies and revelations et al I would receive if i spent more time waiting and groaning, seeking God? This "busi-ness" and many other things in life try to stifle those virtues inside of me but I will ARISE and trim my lamp no matter what not allowing life's issues deter me from even doing Gods purpose on my office desk amen.

    God bless you richly for sharing!

    P/S: I Don't envy Anna(though she INSPIRES me) but I desire to be WHO God created me to be. LOL!

  20. Lol. I don't envy Anna either. It's a tough act to follow but it does inspire. Thankfully God provide the grace to be whomever/whatever He chooses us to be or accomplish.

    Thank you so much, Enobong, for the comment.

  21. I voted thought provoking because that is what this powerful message is.

    What I took away with me were all found in the last paragraph

    // It's not about the big things we do for God but about being committed to WHATEVER He has called us to do no matter how small or insignificant it seems.

    1. Faithfulness
    2. Consistency
    3. Having a passion for God
    4. Obedience pays
    5. Commitment to a vision //

    You have made my morning, God bless you

  22. Enjoyed this, and dipping into some of the other sisters.


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