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Mar 22, 2011

I Am The City Prostitute: Rahab

I am the city prostitute.

I am bold and beautiful. I double up as a pimp and a whore who works hard to make a living. No doubt,I sell my body to make raw cash and that makes ‎​​me cool.

My name makes ‎​​me proud because everyone including the ‎​king know my identity.

I am always found in the streets and market place buying and selling. Two days ago,I was booed in the market square,calling me brash,long legged and sly at heart.

One day, two strange men visited the land and actually walked by my house. I readily flung my door open to them thinking they needed my usual service. Yes, they needed my help but this time not a "one night stand" nor my myriad of whores. They wouldn't even look at ‎​​me because they had a mission to accomplish(I wonder how they knew my "occupation" to stop by my crib). As soon as I let them in, I saw one young boy peeping through my window but I hushed him away.

Hours later the ‎​king sent a word to ‎​​me to bring the men I have "in my bed"-everyone assumes that I seductively solicit for every man's attention. In strict keeping with Eastern manners, no man is permitted to enter a woman's house without her permission. I was at high risk but in my usual way,I played a fast one on the ‎​king's men and they left in search of the spies.

I covered  the two spies with piles of flax which I coincidentally stored up on my roof. It was the time of the barley harvest, and flax and barley ripen at the same time in the Jordan valley, so that the bundles of flax stalks were left to dry.

On this particular night, I refused to go on my rounds because I feared my house could be ransacked and I wanted to preserve the lives of these spies. I locked my doors and I ran up the roof to have a word with them. I reeled out my fears to them acknowledging their God as mightily behind them. I told them the stories we've heard of their God and how my people are afraid and unable to conquer them even with all our troops. I suddenly lay flat pleading with them to spare ‎​​me and my family for risking my life for them. I said;

"Now swear to ‎​​me by the Lord that ‎​you will be kind to ‎​​me and my family since I have helped ‎​‎​you."

I could feel hot tears streaming down my well made-up face. The "Kohl" in my eyes smeared making my tears dark but I didn't mind since my life mattered the most at this time.

I added;" Give ‎​​me some guarantee that when our city is conquered, ‎​you will let ‎​​me live, along with  all my family members". Then I wiped my tears with my Pashmina while they pacified ‎​​me with their words; "‎​​We offer our own lives as a guarantee for your safety. If ‎​you don't betray us, ‎​​we will keep our promise when the Lord gives us the land"

For the first time in my entire life, I slept in tranquillity like a new born baby,also amazed that I could stay through the night with two handsome and well built men without asking for sex. By ‎morning,I gave them water to wash up,while I fixed them a meal of oat and bread. I dug out a scarlet robe I usually use to let down my clients at night when the city gates are locked- since I live on the city wall,it makes it easy to escape to the hills.

 I tied the rope on my window sill letting it down for them. While they prepared to leave, I instructed them on the regular route my clients ply.

"Escape to the hill country" I said and hide there for three days till the men who are searching for ‎​you return. They reiterated  those words they told ‎​​me last night and added very weighty but symbolic words; "‎​​We can guarantee ‎​your safety if ‎​you leave this scarlet(the same rope I used to commit atrocity) hanging from the window." They asked that my entire household remain inside my house until they claim the city. I swore not to betray them but abide by this oath.

Wow! I pondered. That means I'd run out of business and loose my clients, and my entire family would have to stay indoors for an uncertain number of days because if any of us goes out to the streets,we would die like everyone.

However, I gathered my family into my house and firmly locked my doors. ‎​​My family members brought some of their important belongings into my spare room,we bought enough food for the period ‎​​We would stay indoors seizing this opportunity to have our family reunion after such a long time. I shared my experience with the spies convincing them of the God I met through them.

This time I knew my occupation as a city prostitute had come to a grinding halt never to be visited again. I also knew this was a moment to find hope in the only Supreme God who chose to send spies to a prostitute like ‎​​‎​​me. I perceived my salvation was closer than I ever imagined.  My thought also ran wild wondering why a perfect God would think so highly of a rotten girl like ‎​​me who has lured,seduced and cajoled hundreds of men to their death place?

Some days after,news came to us that the city gates were tightly shut because my kindred were afraid of God's own people and everyone including the King dwelt in utter fear. For six days,we heard heavy stumping of foot soldiers and the sound of several horns.

On the seventh day, ‎​​we were awakened by the foot soldiers. This time, the rhythm changed, the atmosphere was dark and tense and the clouds grew red. Then,I was assured the time had come. ‎​​We heard them march round our city seven times, then a long,loud sound blazed into the air and everywhere shook like the rumbling of thunder and sparks of lightening. Suddenly, we heard a mighty shout which was like the noise of many waters and a mighty earthquake rushed through our city crushing shops,empires,palaces, monuments and strongholds-everything in our once adorable city collapsed stone upon stone,houses upon houses but our house stood like a firm foundation!

Though the noise rattled ‎​​me and made everyone in my house curl up in a corner,we were safe.

Just then, a knock on our door shook us to our feet. Scared stiff to open the door, I opted to be their "sacrificial lamb". I opened the door and there were these two spies grinning at ‎​​me sheepishly. I flung my hands around them broken to tears. They pacified me and led ‎​​‎​​me to sit down while they greeted my family. I managed to do a shabby introduction amidst tears. Then they announced that they came to rescue us to their land. ‎​​

We followed them to meet the great warrior,Joshua whom I had heard of from my childhood days. He expressed his sincere gratitude for  saving his men with my "fidelity"-wow the first good comment made about ‎​​me all my life? He didn't call ‎​​me a harlot or an infidel, but a beautiful not forsaken, delightful woman furnished with a brand new life? He saw something no one ever did? Oh what love?

 He further rewarded my family and ‎​​me with a pleasant abode among his people.

The Supreme God of Israel blessed ‎​​me with a new life, saving ‎​​me from a sordid past;preserving and rescuing my family from death. I ran into him and found grace and mercy. He set my feet upon a solid rock to stay and built ‎​​me upon His foundation forever. He enlarged ‎​​me and broadened my coast from the strange lands of Jericho to the plush country of Israel.

I belong to a new race by grace.

I am Rahab, a wife to a prince of Judah, Salmon and our son is called Boaz(Ruth 4:21; 1 Chr. 2:11; Matt. 1:5).

(c) Enobong


  1. "On the seventh day, ‎​​we were awakened by the foot soldiers. This time, the rhythm changed, the atmosphere was dark and tense and the clouds grew red. Then,I was assured the time had come. ‎​​We heard them march round our city seven times, then a long,loud sound blazed into the air and everywhere shook like the rumbling of thunder and sparks of lightening."


    Oh my gosh, I didn't know you could write short stories like this. You remind me of Francine Rivers and you also write like Remi Roy (a very good writer/blogger).

    I truly, truly, enjoyed reading this. No one ever thinks of Rahab's sacrifice. She was a prostitute, nevertheless, in that moment where she had to make a choice, she chose GOD.

  2. I'm woohooing here too. What a sensational depiction of Rahab's life. Enobong, this is so well told. Kudos.

  3. Yeah yeah
    She married Salmon- meaning covering
    and birthed Boaz
    in dangerous times

    Anything is definitely possible

    I like the story, awesome.

  4. OMG! OMG!! The same Boaz that is an anscestor of Christ? I found out only this year that Ruth, the faithful daughter-in-law was part of that lineage through her marriage to Boaz but I never bothered about Boaz's 'connections'. OMG!!!

    The line about the 2 spies grinning sheepishly at her when she opened the door cracked me up. You're a great story teller.

    I've always been amazed by Rahab's story, how God used her n showed her mercy. But that King David was her great, great, grand son and Jesus, our Saviour of her 32nd generation is overwhelming n exciting.

    OMG!!! This light buld moment is one I'll never forget. God bless u so very much for sharing, I'm all teary eyed n really happy. I love u!

  5. Cool how the stories in the Bible are one way or the other about ONE family! From Adam, through Noah, through Abraham all the way to Jesus!

    God really is the master story teller and we're never too used up to be used by Him.

  6. This is Faith at work, from a woman who you could least expect it from. Someone who never thought she could be loved or married ended up marrying one of the spies, just because she chose to follow the 'God's people' by faith.

    A very good style of writing. thanks

  7. Ok,this is very insightful because i'd not really studies this portion of the bible.Nice write up.I'm now following you,return the favor.

  8. Thanks for stopping by, A-9ja-Great.

  9. Wonderful!I really loved reading this.


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